Responsible Roadway Legislation CS/SB 54 and what it means to you as a resident and a driver on Florida Roadways.

After many years of fighting for the people of the State of Florida, the Florida Justice Association, which represents ‘consumers’ (or what we like to call everyday people) has been able to champion the Florida Responsible Roadway Legislation which repeals the old 1971 No Fault Statute which provided PIP (Personal Injury Benefits) to drivers and […]

Car Technology: Help or Distraction?

The Law Office of David M. Goldberg is here to help you. If you are puzzled by the role that car technology plays in your recent accident, we know what to do. Car technology these days is multifaceted. There are systems to warn you about objects in your blind spot. There are systems that even […]

Injured in an Accident While on Vacation in Fort Myers FL?

If you are injured in an accident while on vacation, then you may be entitled to receive money damages. In order to receive money damages, you must be able to show that the injuries were caused by someone’s negligence. Proving negligence requires proof of several legal elements and the claims process can be complicated. For […]