As we as a community are trying to put our lives and our properties back together after this Horrible Storm, I just want to help people get through the aftermath and what to do next.

If you have suffered property damage like most of us have please protect yourself and your property claim by following these steps:

  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to make a claim. If you are having trouble reaching the main # which will be a 1-800 # on your policy or if you can not find your policy, reach out to your agent or broker for assistance. But it is imperative that you make your claim and get into their system. Your Claim # they give you is very important in identifying your claim moving forward so save that as you will reference the Claim # every time you speak to the Insurance company.
  • Prepare a list of damaged and or lost items, proof of cost if possible.
    Take Pictures and Videos of any damage of your home or damaged property items to evidence your claim
    If possible keep the damaged items until the adjuster has had an opportunity to assess your damage.
    Do not throw anything away you plan to claim as damages until the adjuster has seen it.
  • If you need to demo anything for safety such as a pool cage, document the demo with video or pics and get invoices from any vendors you may hire to do said work.
  • Keep your receipts for any additional expenses you incur due to the storm, such as lodging, repairs or emergency supplies
  • If your house is uninhabitable, call the cable company and the utilities companies and discontinue service so you do not waste money on services unable to be provided.
  • Call Creditors to get more time to pay bills as they will give a grace period during a catastrophe.
    Make sure you prioritize your bills during this time, make your insurance premium payments a priority as you will be needing your policy in full force and effect.
  • Make sure you continue to pay your mortgage even if you have been displaced to avoid liens on your property. You can call your mortgage company for a grace period during this time as well.
  • Do not sign Assignment of Benefit Forms to Roofing Contractors because that transfers your claim to the Roofing company and takes your rights away under the policy if they deny the claim and you are then beholden to a Contractor to push your claim through the system.
    If you suffered a Total Loss you can contact FEMA at their Web Portal
  • And Lastly, if your claim is denied or if you have questions about your claim. Call Me! I can help you through the claims process when your claim has been denied and you need Representation.

God Bless and Stay Safe,

David Goldberg

David M. Goldberg, Esquire