Car Technology: Help or Distraction?

The Law Office of David M. Goldberg is here to help you. If you are puzzled by the role that car technology plays in your recent accident, we know what to do. Car technology these days is multifaceted. There are systems to warn you about objects in your blind spot. There are systems that even take over steering to get you back in your lane. Sometimes, these systems malfunction with catastrophic results. On top of that, Consumer Reports noted recently that new vehicle technologies up the cost of repair substantially.

Driving your vehicle, it can be easy to get lulled into complacency by your infotainment screen. Even though you are not supposed to give up control, it can be easy to do so. Do not let that happen to you. If you are the victim of someone who gave up control of their vehicle, our Fort Myers FL car accident lawyers are here to help. We know the complex details behind vehicle driver assistance technology. We do not want our clients to go unprotected from dangerous behavior on the road. As Fort Myers FL car accident lawyers, we know that there is a lot of potential for problems when robotic vehicles take over the highway. Drivers playing with their cellphone while Tesla’s Autopilot supposedly tries to do their job for them are a hazard. We want our clients to come to us if they notice people doing this sort of thing around them on the road. 

If you were involved in an accident that involved a car equipped with driver assistance technology, let us know immediately. The Law Office of David M. Goldberg can get you the compensation that you deserve for this sort of accident. Manufacturers are bending over backward to try to make these systems safe and acceptable to the public. The pressure they are under encourages them to swiftly handle any flaw with their products.