Homeowner Hurricane/Windstorm Claim Denials

Content As a homeowner in Florida, you know the potential dangers that arise with hurricanes. Of course, you are probably prepared and have the necessary insurance policies in place to protect you in the event a hurricane occurs. All is good, right?

Not always.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies wrongfully deny legitimate claims. Our Fort Myers FL hurricane lawyers at the Law Office of David M. Goldberg are here to help hold these negligent insurance companies to their word.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

In the event of a hurricane, you may face significant property damage and losses. The end result could be a claim in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately for you, the insurance company is often more concerned with its profits than they are of taking care of you and your losses.

As such, they’re more willing to deny a rightful claim or offer much less than you deserve. They may try to claim that your policy doesn’t cover certain losses and they shouldn’t have to pay out the compensation you deserve. This is considered bad faith insurance.

What Our Hurricane Defense Attorneys in Fort Myers Can Do for You

Insurance companies who act in bad faith are going against the very policies they promise to uphold. They’re committing an act of negligence, and you deserve justice. This is when it becomes crucial to hire Fort Myers FL hurricane lawyers to help you.

At the Law Office of David M. Goldberg, we have a committed team of hurricane defense attorneys in Fort Myers who are ready to help you. We have experience taking on large insurance companies, and we’ll go above and beyond when your rights are at stake. Trust us to be the advocates you need whenever your claim has been wrongfully denied by insurance companies only looking out for their own bottom line.